Humans have taken over major portion of raccoon’s habitat and these animals have learned to co – exist with humans. This is causing conflicting encounters between them as raccoons are entering human household territory. There is an urgent need of Raccoon Removal in Toronto.

Raccoons are creating their habitat and raising families in the loft. When they are spotted by human in their territory these raccoons are shot dead. This violates their right to live. The planet belongs equally to raccoons too. We humans have destroyed their natural habitat and because they have no place to go they enter our house for food and shelter.

Humans use traps, poison, or slaughter, shoot raccoons to get rid of them. This is not satisfactory in societal and moral standard since raccoons,   irrespective of how pestilent they may present themselves to be, are still living creatures and these inhumane techniques are not kind hearted.

The quandary then is on what measures to take when faced with this very problem. Thankfully, there are many humane solutions to avoid conflicts with these wild animals. These ethical ways can be opted and cruelty towards these animals can be prevented.

The best way is to find their nesting site where there is a mother raccoon with her babies. The most noteworthy thing to remember here is, not to go after the mother first. By capturing mother you will be leaving behind powerless raccoon babies. It is unethical to let these little creatures starve to death.

The right track   to handle this situation is to catch the babies first. Be certain to wear gloves and facial mask before catching them with you hands.

Baby raccoons can bite or use their claws. After you have taken them put them in cage. All this has to be done when mother raccoon is not near her young ones. As she might frantically try to reach out to her babies and shield them.

Next step is to leave one baby out as a type of lure for the mother raccoon. Your task is complete when you have caged all the raccoon babies. After this contact the local animal controls expert authority so that they can take over things from here. If possible you can hand over the animals yourself by driving down to their office. These expert professionals are properly trained and follow legal techniques to handle these raccoons. You can be rest assured that all their actions are ethical as agreed by the laws of the state in protecting the animal rights.

This is a decent course of action and if all humans follow them, then animals will not be mistreated and will be looked after correctly If we want them to vacate our premises it is our duty to relocate them in proper, safe environment where there is food and shelter  for them.


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